Beckman is committed to advancing healthcare for everyperson by applying the power of science, technology, and the passion and creativity of our teams to enhance the diagnostic laboratory’s role in improving healthcare outcomes. Our diagnostic systems are used in complex biomedical testing and are found in hospitals, reference laboratories, and physician office settings around the globe.


 DiaSys Diagnostic Systems is a leading specialist in the development and manufacturing of diagnostic system solutions of the highest quality, trusted by customers in morethan100 countriesfor over 30 years


Snibe is a bio-medical company specializing in clinical laboratory instruments and in vitro diagnostic reagents. Snibe has formed a strong team of professionals: Reagents R & D and production center, Instruments R & D and production center, and Sales & Marketingcenter. Shenzhen New Industries Biomedical Engineering Co., Ltd. (Briefed as Snibe Co.Ltd.) is located in National Biological Industry Park(Shenzhen, China), was founded in December1995.


RIELE is a family owned and Berlin-based company established in 1946. Since 1952 we develop, manufacture and distribute semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzers. With high quality products “Made in Germany” and such a long time of experience, passed down from generation to generation, RIELE can assure to be one of the best manufacturers for photometers in the market.


 Boditech Med has been focusing on developing key technologies of immune- diagnosis and molecula diagnosis to provide reliable In-Vitro diagnostic solutions for everyone anywhere, and anytime. constantly striving to become a global In- Vitro diagnostic company realized the